OMG. Hi guys. This is Allison Harvard. And I love her so much. Thank you Allison! Hello I exists! Thanks to my friend Mariel!! 

Ahhhh I’m still freaking out because of this…..

I don’t have a freaking picture with Allison Harvard. I met her though. But I just need one photo with her. Then,I can die na. I mean seriously.

Still sobbing because I don’t have a photo with her and I met her. :( I felt inifinite.

Today was a fairy tale,

So,I met Allison and Dominique today,It was unreal. I can’t believe it. They signed my planner. Plus, Allison received my gift! I gave her my panda hat. Plot twist: She wore the same and exact panda hat. Well well. I can’t believe this. I met them.

Dominique signed my planner! She went to the barricade side and I was waving my planner. Then she noticed me. Oh my god. She signed my planner!!!!! I was like screaming I love you. Nag flying kiss siya omfg. I can’t. AHHHH.

Shes about to leave. I was screaming so hard. I was waving my freaking planner at her. And I’m so desperate I was like “Please please please” with my puppy face. To be honest, I’m so desperate to get an autograph. But guess what…. She was like leaving na,But She came back for me. And she grabbed my planner. And she signed it! I was freaking out. I mean,inside. Freaking out inside. I’m so speechless. Shes so nice. Shes the best. Ever.

Lets just pretend that shes wearing my panda hat. I gave her the same/exact panda hat too! Thanks to Carmela! Seriously. I just want her to read my long ass message. I mean seriously,I wrote it with all my heart and feelings!

Spot me. I’m so haggard and tired right now. The crowd though. Plus I fucking hate the bouncers. They were shouting and pushing us. I mean,that’s rude. Plus. They were cursing. Oh my god. So what. Do your freaking job. Don’t mind us if were freaking out so hard. Seriously. Ugh I hate them.

Mean while, I don’t have a photo with them. Just one freaking picture with Allison. Ugh. None none none. :(

" Photograph give me something to remember " — Too bad I don’t have one. Well I will keep the memories forever. I just met my freaking favorite model of all time. Thank you so much Bench! and of course! Allison and Dominique! Thank you for signing my planner. I hope you could recognize me. And sorry for bugging you :) Have a safe trip! Come backkkkkkkkk!

Dear Allison Harvard,

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